Box Clock Workout Timer

Box Clock Workout Timer

Box Clock Timer is a timing and tracking application for all types of fitness activities, including CrossFit-style workouts. It provides a simple timer interface, which can be configured in a variety of ways. As well, your history of workouts is tracked and organized by date, to allow for review and comparison at any time.

Main features:
Large details for gym use and easy visibility, in both portrait and landscape orientations
Up to 60 sec delay start
On-the-minute alert with automatic round increment
Track rounds and split times
Store history of workouts organized by date
Edit each workout to add details and commentary for reference

Version 1.1, Mar 2013
Reset button
Display stays on when the timer is running
Beep and round count every 15,30,45,60, 75 or 90 sec

CrossFit is a registered trademark of CrossFit, Inc.

Available on the App Store in Jan 2013



iPad, Landscape mode:

Screenshot 1

iPad, Portrait mode:

Screenshot 2

Workout history(iPad and iPhone):

Screenshot 4

Edit Workout details (iPad and iPhone):

Screenshot 3

Round split times (iPad and iPhone):

Screenshot 5

iPhone, Portrait mode:

iOS Simulator Screen shot 7

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